The Safety Zone is the Children & Youth Crisis Stabilization Program of HCS. The program provides an alternative to psychiatric inpatient treatment with the goal of helping children return to pre-crisis levels of functioning. It provides short-term individual and group counseling services as well as observation, safety monitoring, behavior management and much more. Services are provided seven days a week and hours may vary based on the needs of the children being served.

Who is The Safety Zone for?
Children and adolescents ages 4-17 in Washington County, VA or the City of Bristol. An assessment will be conducted for children or youth in their current living environment or at The Safety Zone. If it is determined the child meets program criteria, upon program referral, they may attend for up to 15 days per episode.

Why is The Safety Zone needed?
A crisis can happen when a child or adolescent becomes overwhelmed by their feelings or when the demands in life surpass their ability to cope. It can occur in response to a recent traumatic event or may result from an accumulation of stressors over time. This may cause a child or adolescent to be at risk of being placed outside of their home, family or community in a psychiatric or residential facility due to their current unsafe behaviors. The Safety Zone provides an alternative that allows a child to receive crisis services, while remaining in their community, rather than being transferred hours away.

If you know someone who would benefit from The Safety Zone program, please give us a call at 276.525.4410.

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