Agency Status

GREEN: Fully Operational
– No restrictions at this time
– Normal hours of operation
– Standard staffing capacity
– Appointments continue as scheduled

YELLOW: Fully Operational with Precautions
– Health screenings utilized as applicable
– Some program closures are possible
– Some changes to hours of operation are possible
– Staffing capacity may be impacted
– Call ahead to confirm appointments

ORANGE: Limited Operations
– Health screenings utilized as applicable
– Facility closures likely
– Public access to facilities may be limited
– Reduced hours of operation are likely
– Reduced staff availability
– Call ahead to confirm appointments
– Some telehealth services may be implemented

RED: Essential/Base Operations
– All facilities closed to public access
– No onsite appointments
– Telehealth services may have limited availability
– Very limited workforce

Emergency Services and Case Management will be accessible during all levels of operation.

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