A Letter from the Executive Director

July 6, 2020

These last few months have been trying in many ways, so it is quite exciting to be able to report some progress toward being able to create a new “normal” for our operations. While we proceed with an abundance of caution and respect for the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on our world, we would still like to take a moment and celebrate these small steps forward.

HCS is currently under an operational status of Yellow. This means that HCS facilities are re-open for public access. Some locations will continue to have reduced traffic and accessibility due to staff continuing to work altered schedules and locations. In congruence with current state and federal guidelines, many individual services will continue to be provided via Telehealth. This will help reduce the volume of staff and community members present within our buildings to help decrease the risks of exposure and possible illness transmission, particularly surrounding COVID-19.

Consistent with phase three of Virginia’s re-opening guidelines, individuals entering HCS facilities will be required to wear a mask, have their temperature taken and complete a confidential risk screening before being allowed to enter any HCS facilities. In the interest of better protecting the health of all individuals and staff, we will work with those individuals who fall within the recommended exemption guidelines or whom are unable to wear a mask due to health constraints to make alternative service arrangements. All staff are also required to conduct daily risk screenings before entering HCS facilities or providing face-to-face services in homes or communities.

We recommend that you bring your own mask to your visit with HCS. If you do not have a mask or cloth facial covering, we will provide a disposable mask during your screening. Additionally, individuals attending services are requested to limit additional attendees to services. For children or individuals with guardians, only one guardian will be allowed to accompany the individual into the service locations.  When possible, individuals will also be asked to wait in their vehicles after their screening is complete and they will be called via cell phone to come in for the appointment. Social distancing will apply inside all facilities, requesting that individuals keep the recommended 6ft distance from each other, along with enhanced hygiene practices and increased sanitization measures.

If you or someone you’ve recently been in contact with has been sick, please stay at home. We have the opportunity to make arrangements with you so that we can meet your behavioral health needs and continue to protect you and others around you. If you have concerns or questions about an upcoming visit or HCS safety practices, please call.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

In hope and health,

Rebecca Holmes
Executive Director

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